February 17, 2024

Lucky Dragon Dumplings with Firecracker Sauce

5 fried dumplings with pea sprouts. Served with choice of Firecracker sauce or Hoisin.

Today is the 8th day of the 15 Day Spring Festival, and our thoughts turn to friends throughout the world who celebrate the lunar new year.

Growing up in Oakland we were accustomed to the sound of Cantonese and grew up saying "Gong Hay Fat Choy"; it was not until I saw my first Chinese movie that I heard Mandarin spoken (Pǔtōnghuà), and much later learned to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai!". Either way, the sentiment is the same:  "Wishing you prosperity!".

I used to travel to Asia several times each year on business, and was often there during festival time (CNY, as we called it). Here I am in 2007 on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, the street filled with golden lanterns because it was the Year of the Golden Pig. This year we celebrate the Wood Dragon, which brings improvement and abundance (hear hear!). 

Liz on Nanjing Road in Shanghai CNY 2007 Year of the Golden Pig


What better way wish you prosperity than to offer you a dumpling recipe, a traditional festival food because they represent ancient Chinese gold ingots. 

Donald made two batches for me--the first one using store-bought wrappers and the second one using homemade wrappers. Both have the same filling. The feature photo above shows the fried homemade wrappers. Here is another view with the pea sprouts removed and one of the dumplings turned over so you can see the fried surface. Moments later we dipped that little guy in the Firecracker sauce and the photo session was concluded!!

Five dumplings on a dragon plate. One is turned so you can see the fried underside, and it is next to a pool of Firecracker sauce.
Finally, here is the steamed version, the thinner wrappers showing up translucent.
A bamboo steamer is opened to reveal 8 steamed dumplings

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