Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml

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Flavor & Enjoyment

Lucero's signature early harvest Arbequina is of medium intensity with rather more green than ripe aromas and flavors redolent of tomato leaf, olive, and some light artichoke notes. Some may discern green apple. Balanced bitterness and pungency give this food friendly oil an elegant medium finish.

If you're looking for a matched set, we've commissioned a special bottling of our balsamic vinegar in the same generous 750 ml size. Click this ink to be notified the 750 ml Balsamic Vinegar is in stock. These are tall bottles at 12.5" in height.

About this Variety

Arbequina remains the most popular olive variety grown in California due to its generous yields for the farmer and mild fruity flavor for the consumer. These attributes also make it an excellent value so we offer it in the convenient 750 ml size as a nod to its place as your everyday cooking oil. 

Other Facts

  • 750 ml bottle / 50 servings
  • Tall bottle at 12.5" in height
  • 120 calories per serving
  • Verified extra virgin by the Olive Oil Commission of California (CDFA)
  • Multiple years of top international awards in Jerusalem
  • Harvest Year 2021
  • FFA 0.18
  • DAGs 95.3, PPPs <1.0
  • Total Polyphenols 213
  • Grown, milled, and bottled in California