Subscribe and Save, "Pay as You Go"

The "Subscribe and Save" program is set up to support regular purchases of olive oil and vinegar. Bundles and seasonal items are not part of the program, however, all everyday olive oils and vinegars are. There are two programs:

  • Subscribe & Save 10% for shipments every 4 weeks
  • Subscribe & Save 5% for shipments every 12 weeks

Once subscribed, the program sends a reminder notice 7 days before your method of payment is charged for your next order allowing you to log in to pause, change,  or cancel the item or items to which you've subscribed. If no changes are desired, no action need be taken. Your shipment will be dispatched to you as you have previously indicated.

If you would like to make a change but cannot get into your account please contact me at 530-727-2004 or at and request a password reset or authorize me to make the change on your behalf. I'm happy to do so up to the day before the order is supposed to ship.

12 everyday olive oils and vinegars in the short 375 ml bottle are shown between the 2 tall 750 ml bottles we sell.

General Information

All of subscription options appear after "one time purchase" on eligible items pages. Eligible items are depicted above and include

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oils: 375 ml Ascolano, Picual, Coratina and 750 ml Arbequina
  • Co-milled Olive Oils: 375 ml Lemon, Garlic, and Basil
  • Balsamic Vinegars: 375 ml Traditional, Rosato, Bianco and 750 ml Traditional
  • Flavored Balsamic Vinegars: 375 ml Fig, Cherry, and Raspberry

 If you are a subscriber you can see subscription activity on your account page when you log in.