Shipping Information

Shipping & Handling

As Low As We Can Go, Starting at $7.95

Heavier packages are significantly more expensive for us to ship and insure, and all shippers charge by "dimensional weight", a combination of how much room packages displace as well as how much they weigh. Our charges have been lowered to now start at $7.95, and as many of our outgoing packages are under 6 lbs, you should find your charges at the same price or lower than before.

We have experienced significant breakage over 26 lbs during the non-peak season, so have made that the cut off. If your cart is over 26 lbs we have to start a new transaction. There is no other way for us to indicate to the fulfillment center to start a new, second box; thank you for your understanding.

If you are shipping to a US destination outside of the 48 states, charges start at $24.95; there is no 2-day option for these zones per the carriers.

All orders within the 48 contiguous US states ship via ShipBob 2-Day Express (*), a special arrangement with our fulfillment company, to ensure orders arrive safely and on time. Shipping costs are calculated based on the dimension and weight of your package and its shipping zone, and the costs quoted for your order are lower than the prices we are charged. We will continue to cover the difference to keep shipping costs affordable for you.

We do not currently have the option to ship overseas, however, that also is under development at this time. 

(*) Standard shipping options encountered more than 10% breakage and delays of up to 3 weeks, which is just not acceptable; intact and on time deliveries have improved significantly since we made the change to "2 Day Express", with most orders arriving in 2 to 5 days.

Shipping Rates, Effective 11/13/22

This chart shows detailed shipping rates to all zones up to 26 lbs

Order Timing

Orders placed Monday through Friday before 11:45 Pacific time will be packed and shipped the same day, holidays excluded. Expect processing delays of up to two days during holiday weekends. American Olive Farmer uses a 3rd party fulfillment company to carefully select, wrap, label, and ship your package using an express service with expectation that 98% of the packages shipped on our behalf arrive to your selected destination in good condition within 2 days of pick up. 

IMPORTANT:  We do not currently have a technical or logistics solution for holding orders or selecting future dates. Expect that any order placed will be fulfilled per the standard process.

Standard shipping carton for three bottles of oil or vinegar shown wrapped in eco-friendly "geami" honeycomb style packaging.

Sustainable Materials

We selected this shipping partner in part because of their ability to better service our customers outside of California, and in part because they use the same eco-friendly packaging we adopted in 2010. This honeycomb paper, called "Geami", is free of plastics, fully recyclable, does not require tape, and very efficiently creates a cushion due to its unique structure when it is properly pulled around our bottles. Likewise, each item is scanned so that optimal package sizes are selected, reducing materials and the impact on the planet.

Note: 8/12/22: some customers experienced preventable damages this summer due to under-packing by the fulfillment center and rough handling by the "standard" carrier. Photos and feedback were actively used to generate replacements and improve performance. Thank you to everyone for your support in getting logistics ship shape. If you experience damage to your order, or if it is late, please contact me immediately so we can address the issue together. 

Carbon Neutral Option

Should you wish to make your order carbon neutral we have partnered with EcoCart to do so. All monies collected are passed through to fund a carbon sequestration forestry product in McCloud that meets 3 of the UN's climate goals.

A proprietary algorithm is applied to very item you purchase which considers the item's content and delivery destination. For example, a carbon offset for a bottle of Coratina EVOO made in California and shipping locally is $0.48, however, the offset for the same size bottle of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar made in Italy costs $1.01 to offset. Here is the link to learn more about our partnership with EcoCart. Participation is not mandatory, so if you prefer, you can opt out on the shopping cart page. We are matching all carbon offsets during the holiday season which means your package goes from being carbon neutral to achieving climate positive status.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Packages

Route® Full Package Protection

We recommend using the Route® Package Protection Service option at check out. If you have done so and have a lost, damaged, or stolen package, click here to file a claim for replacements or refunds. Route® Package Protection (recently rebranded "Green Package Protection") costs $0.98 to insure orders under $100. Orders over $100 cost 1% to 5% depending on factors determined by Route®. In my experience, most Route® order charges range between $0.98 and $1.98, and response has been nearly immediate when seeking approval for damages. As with Carbon Neutral Shipping from EcoCart, you can also opt out of this expense in your shopping cart before you complete your purchase.

AOF Limited Package Protection

American Olive Farmer will replace, refund, or issue store credit for any products which arrive damaged, however, do not have any provision for lost or stolen packages once the carrier indicates that they have been delivered to their destination. Based on recent parcel carrier performance we recommend that our customers consider opting in to Route® Package Protection at check out.

Breakage Follow Up

Should your package suffer breakage in transit it is vital that you take photos of the packaging and broken item(s) so that a claim can be filed. If you purchased Route® Green Package Protection then you can file directly with them, or contact me with your details and I will process the claim on your behalf for a replacement or refund. If you did not purchase Route® take photos and contact me anyway, and I'll make things right.