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"Fantastic product sold by a Fantastic Company"

Been waiting years for Lucero to come back to production and the product is as good as I remember. Fantastic customer service. Could not ask for a better experience.
Will continue to be a customer for life!

Gerard Q., Lucero Customer Since December 2014

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~ Our Main Collections ~

Three single variety olive oils are shown on a white marble table with white tile background. Left to Right:  Coratina, Picual, and Ascolano

Olive Oil

Delicious extra virgin & co-milled fruit and herb olive oils. 100% California grown & milled.

Traditional, Rosé, and White Balsamic Vinegars in a white tile kitchen

Balsamic Vinegar

Authentic balsamic vinegars made in Modena from Modenese grapes and real fruit.

Small brie and spreader knife on heart shaped olivewood board


From large olive tree prunings suitable for boards, bowls, and tools.

~ Recipes ~

  • We all love potato latkes

    We all love potato latkes
    It's time to light the menorah, eat delicious fried food, and think about miracles. Read more to learn how Donald makes latkes, and perhaps you'd like to let us know--if you're a latke-eater--how you like to enjoy them!
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  • Fired Dried Walnuts & Pecans

    Lightly sugared fire dried walnuts in a blue and white Chinese porcelain pedestal bowl and lightly sugared fire sugared fire dried pecans in a blue and white Japanese porcelain rice bowl are shown close up on a plain background.
    "These nuts have a beguiling texture and an irresistible gloss of caramelized salt and sugar that make them almost universal favorites. These are not the heavily candied walnuts one finds in Hunanese restaurants. Rather, they are refined, elegant sweetmeats, just perfect for greeting guests. You may soak and dry the nuts days in advance, but to serve them warm and freshly caramelized is the ultimate seduction." - Barbara Tropp, 1982
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  • Smashed Potatoes

    Smashed Potatoes
    A crispy and chewy alternative to butter and cream laden mashed potatoes, these "smashed" potatoes rely heavily on your technique and extra virgin olive oil for a satisfying texture and taste.
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A single large variegated Sevillano olive hangs suspended from a branch in 120 year old Corning orchard

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