Based on the unprecedented lateness of this year's harvest and the tremendous number of patrons who have asked to be notified when Olio Novello is back in stock, Donald and I have decided to test a pre-order feature for items in the "Limited Edition" collection, namely Olio Novello, the special edition of Melanzana Fig Balsamic Vinegar and related bundles.
We are reasonably assured that both the Olio Novello and special edition of the Melanzana Fig Vinegar will be ready to ship on or before December 11th. If you choose the pre-order option there are two constraints of which you should be aware:
  • It's not possible to purchase pre-orders by using "accelerated checkouts": Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Meta Pay. 
  • If you check out with both pre-orders as well as available items in your shopping cart at the same time, the entire cart will be held until the pre-ordered items are ready to ship. The exception to this is with olive trees as they ship directly from the nursery and not from the distribution center.
I look forward to any feedback you have for me regarding this test. You can reach me at Thank you for being one of our patrons.  
- Liz Tagami