How Pre-Orders Work

Option #1 - Please notify me when back in stock

Here is how pre-orders work on our website. When an item is not yet available for purchase, whether because it is new, seasonal, or is otherwise unavailable, our software offers the option for you to leave your email address to receive an automated message as soon as it becomes available. This option appears in the same place you'd normally click to add an item to your cart as shown below.
This is a screen capture showing the option to be notified if out of stock
Adding your email to be notified of an item's availability does not sign you up for our mailing list, nor does it indicate any obligation on your part purchase this item--it is solely a request to be notified when it is available via a transactional email message.

Option #2 - Pre-order

On rare occasion I make the decision to offer an item for pre-order when there is significant interest AND that I am confident of its an imminent arrival date, between 15 and 30 days from when the pre-order option is activated.
When an item is available for pre-order the "Add to Cart" button changes to "Pre-order". If you choose this option, please be aware of the following: 
  • It's not possible to purchase pre-orders by using "accelerated checkouts": Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Meta Pay. 
  • If you check out with both pre-orders AND in stock items in your shopping cart at the same time, the entire cart will be held until the pre-ordered item(s) is/are ready to ship. The exception to this is with olive trees as they ship directly from the nursery and with fresh olives as they ship from me in Corning and not from our third party distribution center.

Why We Installed a Pre-Order Feature

Based on the unprecedented lateness of the 2023 harvest and the tremendous number of patrons who asked to be notified when Olio Novello was available, Donald and I tested the pre-order feature for Olio Novello and a few other items last year. 
We learned a lot, and as long as we have a confirmed production date we are confident using the pre-order option in the future on a highly selective basis. Our goal is to only activate the pre-order option if we are reasonably certain an order will ship within 30 days of activating the offer--or sooner! If you'd like to hold off and make a request to be notified when back in stock that will always be an option, however, your pre-order is a tremendous help to us as we get this business going again.
I look forward to feedback you have for me regarding this feature. You can reach me at
Thank you for being one of our patrons.  
- Liz Tagami