March 14, 2024

Irish Cottage Pie

Close up image of Donald's hand as he  scoops a generous serving of Irish cottage pie from an Emile Henry pie dish into a brasserie plate with a large stainless steel spoon.

The daffodils have come and gone, as have the almond blossoms. The peaches and apricots are nearing full bloom, and the redwing blackbirds returned to nest in our meadow this week. Although the hills are greening, the air here is chill and the wind still cuts right through...and I know many of you are in snowy climes. This recipe is a simple and delicious belly-warming meal for the chilly days of early Spring. 

I didn't grow up with cottage pie, however, had seen references in literature and the notion appealed to me, so asked Donald to make it. Although he didn't grow up with "cottage pie" either, he remarked that what he made reminded him very much of a meat and potato pie his mom made on occasion, and a quick check through her favorite cookbook confirms that the two are similar.

I've read that this recipe is known as "cottage pie" if beef is used and "shepherd's pie" if lamb is your meat of choice. Did you grow up with cottage and/or shepherd's pie?

Happy "Pi Day" 3.14, and happy St. Patrick's Day this week, too.


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