March 24, 2024

Torta Pasqualina alla California

An 8" "Torta Pasqualina" savory eggy cake is topped with crispy phyllo and shown on a fancy porcelain plate. One slice has been removed.

Torta Pasqualina [literally "little Easter cake"] is a traditional recipe from Italy which will elevate your Sunday brunch.

The inclusion of whole eggs makes the presentation extra special, and we've adapted the traditional recipe by using greens from our cover crop instead of frozen spinach and substituted easy to use phyllo sheets liberally brushed with olive oil instead of a traditional water-flour-olive oil dough or by employing a butter-based puff pastry. 

In any event, the idea is to have flaky pastry encasing this simple savory ricotta custard filling with chopped greens. If you use choose to include whole unbeaten eggs in the midst of the filling then they'll be visible in some of the slices of the torta representing Spring along with the chopped greens.

Donald brings in 1 lb of greens from our cover crop