Bianco Balsamic Vinegar 375 ml

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About this Product

This piquant white vinegar from Modena is made from Pinot Grigio grape must that is cooked and blended with Pinot Grigio wine vinegar to achieve what we believe is the pinnacle of a white balsamic vinegar experience. 

Flavor & Enjoyment

The character of Pinot Grigio grapes in this Aceto Balsamico Bianco shines with a sweet-tart and crisp character that is pleasing on its own and very food friendly as well. It pairs nicely with citrus fruits and softens the bitterness of wild greens. You'll find it suitable for desserts, cool drinks, light vinaigrettes, and anything you make that is asking for a touch of agrodolce--that certain sweet-tart flavor you're seeking. One of our local customers uses it to make caramelized onions, and we're confident you'll find your own special recipes, too.

White or "Bianco" vinegar is actually a pale golden color at production which darkens with age as no stabilizers are added. Vinegar exposed to light or age will take on a tawny or even amber color which does not appear to affect the flavor.

Other Facts

•  375 ml bottle / 25 servings
•  40 calories per serving

•  Natural and free from any added sugars, flavors, colors, or stabilizers
•  Acidity 5%

•  A light sediment may be present and marks the product’s genuineness
•  Consume within 3 years of opening 
•  Store in a dry, dark, and cool place for optimal quality

•  Made in Modena, Italy using traditional artisan methods
•  Imported and then bottled in the USA


Pinot Grigio grape must, Pinot Grigio wine vinegar. Sulfites occur naturally.