June 26, 2024

Apricots & Frangipane in Puff Pastry with Ascolano Mascarpone Cream

Ascolano EVOO is drizzled onto a rectangular slice of puff pastry with apricots, frangipane, and Ascolano Mascarpone Cream

Summer Fruit Desserts

We're fortunate to have both peaches and apricots growing on our property, and fully ripened apricots are quite abundant this week. Donald has already picked and processed 12 quarts, and there are plenty more on the tree, enough that we'll happily share with the neighbors and even the scrub jays. I've been enjoying blending a ripe apricot into my morning yogurt with assorted seeds and a generous pour of Ascolano, and that was the inspiration for today's dessert--the notion that Ascolano is a splendid pairing with all sorts of dairy and, because of its highly aromatic peach-like aroma, especially lovely with stone fruits. 

Donald stands on an orchard ladder, back to camera, reaching for apricots with his right hand.

We had some leftover puff pastry in the freezer from our Torta Pasqualina trials (we ended up using phyllo for that), and met to talk about flavors and textures. Donald suggested he make frangipane because almond is a flavor that marries well with peaches and apricots, and I suggested that we flavor a mascarpone cream with Ascolano, creating yet another stone fruit reference--frangipane, apricots, and ascolano flavors one atop another.

Creamy and fruity Ascolano Mascarpone, lightened with cream; pleasingly soft ripe cooked apricots, highly aromatic and naturally caramelized in the oven from their high sugar level a plus sprinkle of added sugar; golden almond-butter-egg-rich frangipane atop crispy layers of puff pastry; this was a decadent an afternoon treat for us. Although the ingredient and instruction list looks long, this dessert is simple to make. We have plenty more of all of the ingredients, so we'll be making it for our weekend guest in a few days, too.

Donald positions puff pastry that has been cut, stacked, docked, and washed with egg
Donald spoons frangipane onto the puff pastry for bakingDonald sprinkles granulated sugar on top of fresh apricot quarters resting on the puff pastry and frangipane
Baked pastry fresh from the oven is shown before cutting and plating with Ascolano Mascarpone Cream