Lucero Ascolano EVOO, 500 ml

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Our Signature 375 ml size is no longer produced by the glass maker. We are reverting to the 500 ml size and taking preorders now. Anticipated ship date early March.

Flavor & Enjoyment

Ascolano is our best loved oil for its unique aroma of peaches and tropical fruit with ripe fruit and green herbal flavors and a sweet finish. The 2023 crop is highly aromatic with a medium intensity pungency. Our 3rd party sensorial and chemical testing for the state is pending and will be published as soon as available.

Our customers in Japan appreciate its fruity flavor with both sushi and tofu, and we think you will, too. Other pairings include fresh cheeses and other dairy such as yogurt, cottage cheese, or ice cream. The fruit fat from olive oil emulsifies readily with milk fat creating a natural affinity. 

About this Variety

Lucero became know for Ascolano EVOO because Corning was a table olive town, and Ascolano olive trees were originally planted in our area in the middle of the last century for the table olive industry as they are a relatively large and tender variety. Indeed, they are almost exclusively known as table olives in their native land, Provincia Ascoli Piceno, in the Le Marche region of Italy. The centuries-old recipe for meat stuffed, deep fried ascolano olives has earned Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) status as a protected origin food there.

Quality & Authenticity

Lucero Ascolano EVOO is a customer favorite and consistent winner with international olive oil judges winning annually for over a decade in competitions.

  • 500 ml bottle / 33 servings
  • 120 calories per serving
  • Annual gold medals in Jerusalem, Italy, and NY competitions
  • Verified extra virgin grade by the Olive Oil Commission of California (CDFA)
  • Harvest Year 2023
  • FFA ____ to come
  • DAGs ___, PPPs ___ to come
  • Total Polyphenols ___ to come
  • Grown Milled, and Bottled in California
  • Store in a dry, dark, and cool place and within 6 weeks of opening
  • Shelf life 24 months prior to opening
  • Enjoy within 6 weeks after opening
  • Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil made from Ascolano olives