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~ Our Main Collections ~

Three single variety olive oils are shown on a white marble table with white tile background. Left to Right:  Coratina, Picual, and Ascolano

Olive Oil

Delicious extra virgin & co-milled fruit and herb olive oils. 100% California grown & milled. New Harvest will be bottled...

Traditional, Rosé, and White Balsamic Vinegars in a white tile kitchen

Balsamic Vinegar

Authentic balsamic vinegars made in Modena from Modenese grapes and real fruit.

Small brie and spreader knife on heart shaped olivewood board


Our olivewood collection is sourced from large olive tree prunings in North Africa  suitable for boards, bowls, and tools.

~ Recipes ~

  • Farinata Chickpea & Rosemary Pancake

    Donald's hand  reaches for a warm slice of Farinata
    Making this thin and crispy chickpea flour pancake scented with rosemary is ridiculously simple and the results immensely satisfying. All you need is water, chickpea flour, olive oil, and seasoning. The secret is finishing in a 500ºF oven, which leaves the outside lacy and inside on the verge of creamy and cakey.
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  • Torta Pasqualina alla California

    An 8" "Torta Pasqualina" savory eggy cake is topped with crispy phyllo and shown on a fancy porcelain plate. One slice has been removed.
    This tasty savory ricotta custard is encased in phyllo sheets baked to a delightful crispiness with liberal brushes of olive oil. Chock full of greens and--if you choose--whole eggs--make this for brunch or a special lunch to herald spring.
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  • Irish Cottage Pie

    Close up image of Donald's hand as he  scoops a generous serving of Irish cottage pie from an Emile Henry pie dish into a brasserie plate with a large stainless steel spoon.
    This recipe is a simple and delicious belly-warming meal for the chilly days of early Spring. Known as "cottage pie" if beef is used and "shepherd's pie" if lamb is your meat of choice; did you grow up with cottage and/or shepherd's pie?
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  • Extending an Olive Branch

    An 18" olive tree sapling is shown next to a sitting buddha statue.
    National Reconciliation Day, observed on April 2nd is a day dedicated to promoting understanding, forgiveness, and cooperation. Is it time to address an estrangement through reconciliation this year? Read this short note for encouragement. 
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  • The Beauty of Olivewood

    Heart shaped olivewood board with soft cheese
    The beauty of olivewood is due, in part, to the fact that it is slow growing, often in harsh conditions. Being slow growers, the wood these trees yield is hard, durable, and well suited for kitchen utensils. Beyond functional durability, this wood also has a distinctive and beautiful grain. Here is some general information and helpful...
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A single large variegated Sevillano olive hangs suspended from a branch in 120 year old Corning orchard

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