September 28, 2023

Golden Goodness Dog Biscuit Recipe

A professional weight half baking sheet is filled with small dog biscuits shaped like hearts, diamonds, squares, and "dog bones" rest on a silicone "exopat".

Our rescue, Ginger, is an elder dog on a restricted diet, which she finds quite boring. Donald and I developed this recipe last year as an occasional treat, and it has been very well received. Read more about doggie health here: 7 Olive Oil Health Benefits for Dogs.

Ginger Dog looks calmly yet intently into the camera
The ingredients are healthy, and "golden". We use EVOO commonly referred to as  "liquid gold", and fresh turmeric known as the "golden spice". As far as Ginger is concerned, they're cookies. "Wanna cookie?" always evokes a jump (or jump and spin) a much wagging of tail. 


Ginger Dog Chomps gleefully (yet respectfully) on a freshly baked Golden Goodness Dog Biscuit 

Serving Suggestion for Dogs

easy does it; they're called treats for a reason. According to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine "Treat Guidelines for Dogs", no more than 10% of your dog's calories should come from treats.

Serving Suggestion for People

rolled and cut into a plain shape would not be out of place on an appetizer tray. Because we use "human grade" fresh ingredients and because they are freshly baked, you'll find yourself nibbling on them, too. The mason jar on the kitchen counter never lasts as long as we think it will. 


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