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The Olive Oil Tasting Wheel by sensory scientist and researcher Dr. Richard Gawel is a lauded and seminal work developed after countless hours of taste panels and juries. First published in 2010 to identify and organize terminology to describe the aroma and flavor of olive oil, this influential tasting wheel is back in print for the first time in many years.

The wheel itself has been tweaked and format updated for this edition. This copyrighted material is the only authorized version by Dr. Gawel and is produced and distributed exclusively on his behalf. The first image shown here teases the center of the wheel only.

If you've coveted the old 8.5 x 12" laminated sheet carried by your colleagues [see second photo and fourth photos for reference], you're in for a treat. The new version is printed on high quality oleo-phobic paper, velvety smooth and modern. Oily fingerprints wipe off with a soft cloth, and the square format fits more easily in your sensory kit. It will, in fact, snuggle nicely next to your 9.25" round Defects Wheel®, if you use one.

About the Wheel

This practical and portable guide is a complete reference to the most commonly described attributes for olive oil.

  • 8 sections of positive attributes with 38 descriptors
  • 8 sections of negative attributes with 34 descriptors

The back of the wheel contains a short introduction by Paul Vossen of Richard's role in the olive oil industry and the development of the wheel. It also includes QR codes for two of Richard's freeware offers. The third photo here is recently capture by our colleague Nick Coleman, the original "OG" Oleologist, while at the 2024 LA International Olive Oil Competition. Paul (left) confers with Richard between tasting sessions.

Indispensable for olive oil producers and professional tasters, and insightful for everyday enthusiasts, too. 9.25" x 9.25" square.

About the Developer

After attending an IOC training course in Greece in 1998 then three years training tasters, Richard became the world's first IOC trained taste panel leader recognized by the IOC outside of the Mediterranean. As of March 2024 he has presided over 60 different Australian olive oil competitions, and judged international competitions in Japan, Greece, South America, New Zealand, and the USA. He will continue to sit on international juries in 2024 and for the foreseeable future.

Outside of judging, which continues, Richard is a retired a lecturer in sensory science at the University of Adelaide and also recently retired as a full time researcher with the Australian Wine Research Institute. He has published over 100 scientific articles regarding the sensory attributes of olive oil and wine with a focus on taste active polyphenols.

Availability for International Shipments

Although I do not ship olive oil and other food items overseas at this time, I can work with you on to ship sensory supplies outside of the US. Please write to me at Liz@AmericanOliveFarmer.com to make arrangements.

Exception:  Canadian buyers should contact our authorized agent, Emily Lycopolus at emily@oliveoilcritic.com.