The Defects Wheel® for Olive Oil

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Developed by renown sensory scientist, Sue Langstaff of Applied Sensory, The Defects Wheel® for Olive Oil is an easy to use, detailed educational guide in simplified volvelle form for aroma and flavor defects found in olive oil.

 About the Wheel

This practical and portable guide is a complete reference to common defects which may occur and includes:

    • main origins of the defect
    • molecule responsible
    • chemical formula
    • typical concentration in an oil
    • approximate aroma threshold
    • possible causes
    • possible treatments
    • possible prevention

The back of the wheel contains bonus information briefly describing sensory differences between early and late harvest olive oils, and an illustration of 9 steps that producers take to harvest and bottle olive oil in the modern age.

Indispensable for olive oil producers and professional tasters, and intriguing and insightful for everyday enthusiasts, too. 9.25" round wheel comes in a 9.5" glassine-type envelope.

About the Developer

Sue Langstaff earned her MS in Food Science from UC Davis specializing in Sensory Science. She is the panel leader of a commercial olive oil taste panel accredited by the American Oil Chemists' Society and which has been recognized by the International Olive Council. Sue was an instructor for the Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Certificate Course conducted through the UC Davis Olive Center, is the co-editor of the authoritative text Olive Oil Sensory Science, and a professional judge at the LA International EVOO competition.

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