July 25, 2023

Salmorejo, Classic Andalusian Tomato Soup

A classic soup plate is filled with creamy tomato soup embellished with half an egg, slices of ham, sour cream, and herbs artfully arranged and sprinkled with chili flakes

Cold Tomato Soup, but Not Gazpacho

Our family doctor is a fan of our extra virgin olive oil, and she loves to cook and travel. Last month, as I was leaving her office, she casually remarked that I should share a recipe for Salmorejo with you. I confess that I was not familiar with this recipe--something she discovered during a trip to Spain--and having discussed it with friends, read about it, and worked with Donald on two versions am keen to let you in on what we've only recently discovered. 

Outstanding for Picual EVOO!

Salmorejo is an iconic cold soup from Córdoba where it has been a mainstay of local cuisine for centuries. As with more well known gazpacho, this cold soup features ripe tomatoes and olive oil as primary ingredients; and both soups have refreshing and cooling properties, making them popular dishes during sweltering Spanish summers. 

Gazpacho is typically thinner and contains a wider variety of vegetables, including cucumber, bell pepper, and sometimes onion, in addition to tomatoes. It is often served as a drink or appetizer and has a more tangy and varied flavor due to the different vegetables used. Salmorejo is thicker and creamier due to a larger quantity of bread incorporated into the soup and the liberal use of olive oil in creating an emulsion. Salmorejo is often served as a main dish and garnished with hard-boiled eggs and Spanish ham, making more of a light meal rather than a tomato drink with Gazpacho, which some liken to a V-8 vegetable cocktail.