December 17, 2022

Rosato Balsamic Vinegar Mignonette

Oysters on the half shell are arranged around a transparent vessel showing a mignonette sauce inside. The sauce appears to already be sprinkled on the oysters.

I love the idea of a grand oyster bar for parties or a modest dozen on the half shell for a more intimate gathering; it is a simple and elegant idea for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, or other celebration. Rosato Balsamic Vinegar is an exquisite ingredient for a variation on the classic mignonette sauce because it pairs well with seafoods--simply substitute Rosato for the red wine vinegar called for in the classic recipe. The Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) grapes for Rosato are grown just north of Modena and add the ideal acidity and fruity foil to the brininess of the shellfish. Happy entertaining!  - Liz

Ingredients & Directions

Gather, combine, and chill these three ingredients:

1 tbsp minced shallot
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper


Serve with chilled oysters, or other shellfish in a fruits de mer platter. This recipe makes enough for a dozen oysters

Shown:  Dabob Bay and Snow Creek Oysters, both known for their crisp and briny nature and sweet melon finish. Photography by ANB Photography. Food Stylist, Patty Wittmann.

 Nota bene:  consumption of raw seafood may contribute to food borne illness. Please consult with your fishmonger on preparation and your doctor if you have a weakened immune system.