Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About this Variety

Picual olives are the most widely planted variety in the world, mostly found in their home region of Jaén in Spain where they thrive in the hot and dry in climate of the land-locked south. It’s no wonder that this olive does well in our arid Northern California valley, where temperatures during the growing season routinely reach triple digits. If you were a fan of our Miller's Blend EVOO in the past, then you'll love Picual, because it was a significant component in that formula.

Flavor & Enjoyment

While the predominant global style for processing this olive is exceptionally ripe, we offer this EVOO in a green style for enhanced aroma, flavor, and health benefits. On the spectrum of intensity, Picual for us will usually come in at "Medium".
Enjoy a pronounced green tomato fruit and herbaceous tomato leaf olive aroma and flavor in this medium intensity universally food friendly oil. It makes a natural pairing with dishes containing tomatoes such as a caprese salad, tomato sauce, and tomato soup.
What makes Picual a good pairing with tomatoes contribute to its success with citrus, too, so imagine employing it with bright winter salads spiked with rounds or suprêmes of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and the like. Finally, as with all fresh EVOOs, Picual is lovely with crusty bread and roasted or friend potatoes and other root vegetables. 

Quality & Authenticity

•  375 ml bottle / 25 servings
•  120 calories per serving
•  Multiple year medal winner in Jerusalem, Italy, and NY competitions

•  Verified extra virgin grade by the Olive Oil Commission of California (CDFA)
•  Harvest Year 2021

•  FFA 0.13
•  DAGs 94.8, PPPs <1.0
•  Total Polyphenols 103.7
•  Grown, milled, and bottled in California