Montana Sweet Clover Honey, 30 oz. Jar

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About the Honey

Farmers in Montana plant sweet clover to feed livestock and to improve soil quality and reduce or eliminate the need to add artificial fertilizers, and livestock owners grow it to provide nutrient-dense forage for grazing animals. Ultimately, the bees benefit, too. When the plants bloom between May and September Chico Honey's hives are surrounded by fragrant yellow flowers, as far as the eye can see, and we humans see much of the benefit.

Beekeeper's Tasting Notes

While bees may partake from an occasional wildflower, foraging in fields this abundant in clover is as close to "single source" as honey can be. The result is a pale amber color, lightly floral flavor, and delicious notes of "shortbread" and particularly  pronounced sweetness. This classic honey is perfect for stirring into tea, spreading on toast or making a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It also works beautifully in salad dressings, over grilled peaches and in champagne cocktails.

Shopkeeper Notes

I selected this brand for the pantry collection because Chico Honey is produced by colleagues in the neighboring town of Orland. The Olivarez family (Ryan, Josh and Haley Olivarez) are the 3rd generation raising queen and packaged bees for fellow bee keepers in a company founded nearly 60 years by their grandfather. Chico Honey is 100% pure and raw honey from their own bees kept in three different US States offering a range of flavors with which to experiment. 

In addition to the bonafides this company represents, honey is a key component in a classic vinaigrette, and the package is very simple and beautiful. 

  • Delicate Intensity
  • Lightly floral with pronounced sweetness
  • 100% pure and raw
  • Made in Montana by bees foraging clover
  • Large 30 oz jar (net wt), approximately 40 servings (1 tbsp/serving)
  • With packaging, gross weight of the product is is 42 oz, nearly 3 lbs! 
  • Local business
  • Family owned and operated