Kitchen Wood Conditioning Butter

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We're pleased to present this new formulation for olivewood care so you can hydrate, restore, and protect the wood in your kitchen.

We've obtained beeswax from our friendly beekeepers at Olivarez Chico Honey and emulsified it with food grade mineral oil over gentle heat to produce this lightly aromatic and somewhat fluid semi-solid "butter" to apply directly to your spoons, boards, and bowls to keep them in good condition without an overly waxy finish.

The aroma is naturally occurring from the hives, and has a warm sweetness like honey and cedar that does not linger long.

Why You Need This 

Olivewood likely arrives to you dry. Our olivewood ships from the edge of the desert in central Tunisia, an arid climate good for living olive trees, but hard on the boards and tools those trees yield. Woodenware waits in a warehouse, then takes 14 or more days on in the water in an ocean-going vessel, crosses the North American continent to me in California, and waits in another warehouse here for your order. By the time you receive your olivewood (sometimes after another journey back across the continent) it is likely to appear dry and in the need of conditioning.

Wood, including olivewood, is porous. Even with careful hand washing utensils become dry, lose the vividness of their markings, and even split or crack over time.

How to Use

Give the olivewood a wipe down and, once clean and dry, massage some conditioner onto it. Allow the formula time to soak overnight, and then wipe away the excess. Read more about the care of olivewood in our Convivial Conversation section. 

What You Get

  • Ingredients:  Beeswax, food grade mineral oil
  • Stainless steel tin with screw top lid:  3" diameter, 1 ⅜" tall
  • Net weight:  2.5 oz, Gross weight 3.0 oz
  • Made in Corning, California