Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About this Variety

Our choice for a robust intensity olive oil unfailingly turns to Coratina, a variety which originates in Corato, Puglia. Irrigation schedules, harvest timing, and milling style influence both the character and intensity of an olive’s flavor, however, the inherent attributes of an olive’s genetic make up play a significant part, too. Coratina has a naturally high level of biophenols, the micronutrients with antioxidant properties for which all olives are known, and these imbue the fruit with a natural bitterness and pungency. By the way, if you were a fan of our Woodson Blend EVOO from the old days, you'll like Coratina as it was an important part of the formula.

Flavor & Enjoyment

Rich floral cherry aroma with deep bitter and pungent flavors are the hallmark of this oil. If you enjoy black coffee, dark chocolate, or IPA beer, you’ll appreciate this oil, and if you salt your food, you’ll find that sodium neutralizes bitterness (Science!) This is an excellent oil pairing for strong flavored foods.

Quality & Authenticity

• 375 ml bottle / 25 servings 
• 120 calories per serving
• Multiple year medal winner in Jerusalem, NY, and Italy.
• Verified extra virgin grade by the Olive Oil Commission of California (CDFA)

• Harvest Year 2021

•  FFA 0.21
•  DAGs 96.8, PPPs <1.0
•  Total Polyphenols 338
•  Grown, milled, and bottled in California