California Wildflower Honey, 30 oz jar

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About the Honey

Hives for this honey are set in remote places at different elevations in Northern California. This affords a mix of both mountain and valley flowers for the bees and contributes to both complexity and ever-changing flavors. 

Beekeeper's Tasting Notes

This honey has a mellow and golden flavor that's complex yet smooth. Fruit and floral overtones mingle with notes of fresh grass and sun-dried hay, layered over a sweetness that's rich but not overpowering.

Equally well-suited to sweet or savory dishes, this honey is delicious slathered on baked goods, and excellent on a cheese plate, ribboned over blue, brie, or goat cheese. Delightful in drinks from tea and coffee to fruity cocktails and hot toddies.

Shopkeeper Notes

I selected this brand for the pantry collection because Chico Honey is produced by colleagues in a neighboring town. The Olivarez family are a 3rd generation beekeeping family raising queen and packaged bees for fellow bee keepers for nearly 60 years. Chico Honey is local and 100% pure and raw.

Honey is also a key component in a classic vinaigrette, and I also find the simple packaging really highlights each honey's unique color. 

  • Medium Intensity
  • Mellow golden flavor; complex yet smooth
  • 100% pure and raw
  • Made in Northern California by bees foraging wild flowers
  • Large 30 oz jar (net wt.), approximately 40 servings (1 tbsp/serving)
  • With packaging, gross weight of the product is is 42 oz, nearly 3 lbs! 
  • Local business
  • Family owned and operated