10 lb Box Fresh Manzanillo Olives

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Sold Out Until Harvest 2024

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These are fresh, raw green olives for sale. Each autumn, typically early September through mid October, California's 2 commercial canneries and numerous local families harvest the olive crop for brining table olives for eating. If you're interested in trying to brine your own, we'll ship a 20 lb box of fresh Manzanillo olives to you as long as your address is in the contiguous 48 US states.

Manzanillo Olive Information

The Manzanillo variety is originally from Seville, Spain likely propagated from cuttings  by Spanish missionaries the same time as the Sevillano olive was introduced. "Manzis" as they are affectionately called by locals, are a dual purpose fruit which are good for making oil and also for canning. There is a chance that the canned California "ripe black olives" or "natural green ripe olives" you find in the grocery store and sliced on pizzas are very likely Manzanillo olives from our town. 

How we ship

Your box will Include guidelines for safe processing. All orders are hand packed to order and shipped via UPS Ground from the American Olive Farmer "Fresh Olive Rally Point" in Corning. Shipping charges are based on a 10 lb box plus packaging. 

If you're feeling ambitious, we also offer Manzanillo Olives in a 20 lb box.

A note about Size

The third image here is a fit estimate I did based on the 2023 crop of Manzanillo. The olives vary in size, however, based on the average sized bins we brought in, I was able to fit 19.3 oz of raw olives in a 32 oz (1 quart) Kerr wide mouth canning jar. By volume (not weight) I estimate you'll be able to process 18 or more jars of olives with a 20 lb box of Manzanillos.

2024 Harvest Outlook

We have contracted a good amount of Manzanillo olives and will publish updates leading up to harvest. Click the link below to read about where we are today.

May 2024 Table Olive Report
June 2024 Table Olive Report