December 11, 2023

We all love potato latkes

We all love potato latkes

Soon it will be time to light the Menorah and fry latkes. It seems to be part of my tradition to also start humming "We all love potato latkes" to the tune of "We wish you a merry Christmas" this time of year thanks to my friend from high school days, Alicia D. We were both altos in the school's a capella chamber singers ensemble that met at 0730 each day, and she had (and still has) a real wit. 

We are not a religious household by most accounts, however, I suppose it could be considered so by mere diversity of expression. My late father was raised Shinto/Buddhist and converted to be a Southern Baptist. My mom was raised evangelical, converted to Anglicanism, and died a Roman Catholic. For the past 47 years I've been part of a non-observant Jewish family, so I suppose I'm culturally a polyprismic combination of all above. I share this because even though my name is Tagami, I do light a Menorah a few of the 8 nights each year. Whether Yule, Diwali, Christmas, or Chanukah, we all appreciate warmth and light in the cold and dark. The notion of lighting candles against the dark (and remembering miracles) holds great appeal. 

Of course, enjoying foods fried in olive oil holds its own appeal, and Donald shares his version of latkes with you here. The fancy schmancy latke plate that I used in this week's recipe photo (above) is from my sister-in-law, Susan, and here is personal essay about graduating to an olive oil menorah last year. 


 Two potato latkes with sour cream and a sprig of parsley on a simple porcelain plate

It has been a few years since we asked this of you. How you prefer your potato latkes?
          _____ Plain. (Are you mashugana? Who does plain?) 
          _____ sour cream
          _____ apple sauce
          _____ both sour cream and apple sauce (nu?)
Let me know in the comments!