Olives & Pits Bowls Gift

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Take your charcuterie board to the next level. While it seems that most deli olives are offered pitted these days, traditional olives come to us with pits intact. If you enjoy olives and need a solution for the pits, or you know someone who does, then this is the gift for you.

Simple straight-sided shiny white ceramic bowls announce their intentions using a wax resist glaze. OLIVES and PITS along with a tidy black line around the rim appear  in matte black giving an understated debossed flair to the pair.

Presented in a Kraft box fashioned like a book. The gift opens to reveal two recipes printed on the inside front cover-- the first, tasty marinated olives and the second, a very traditional sounding olive tapenade, anchovy paste and all! 

Shown on 12" olivewood board with olivewood condiment spoon, not included.

  • Olives Bowl 3" high x 4" Diameter shown with 14 oz of olives
  • Pits Bowl 2.5" high x 3" Diameter
  • PS: Olive You Gift Box 15" L x 21" H x 11" D
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only