Genovese Basil Olive Oil

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About Basil Olive Oil

Flavored olive oil means different things to different producers, and for us it always means that real fresh or prepared fruit or herbs have been added to fresh olives and milled simultaneously. This is sometimes referred to as "co-milling". If the fruit being added is citrus, then the word "Agrumato" is used--a nod to the Sicilian producers who have popularized the practice. (Agrumi translates to "citrus").

Flavor & Enjoyment

Farm fresh basil is crushed with late harvest California olives to make this fragrant herbal oil. As with our Roasted Garlic and Lemon Agrumato oils, only fresh co-milled basil is used in this production yielding a fresh green flavor ready to enjoy. 

Other Facts

• 375 ml bottle / 25 servings
• 120 calories per serving
• Harvest Year 2021
• Grown, milled, and bottled in California