10 lb Box Fresh Sevillano Olives

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Sold Out Until Harvest 2024

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Once per year each autumn California's 2 big canneries and numerous local families harvest the olive crop for brining green olives. If you're interested in trying to brine your own, we'll ship a 10 lb box of fresh Sevillano olives to you as long as your address is in the contiguous 48 US states.

Sevillano Olive Information

Sevillano is a variety originating in Seville, Spain where they are known as Gordal, (the Fat One). These olives are are commonly marketed in the US as Queen olives or colossal olives, referring to their large size. They have a firm flesh and large pit with very little oil, making them ideal for curing but not too efficient for making olive oil.

How we ship

Your box will Include guidelines for safe processing. All orders are hand packed to order and shipped via UPS Ground from the American Olive Farmer "Fresh Olive Rally Point" in Corning. Shipping charges are based on a 10 lb box plus packaging. 

If you're feeling ambitious, we also offer Sevillano olives in a 20 lb box at a savings per pound.

2024 Harvest Outlook

We have contracted a good amount of Sevillano olives and will publish updates leading up to harvest. Click the link below to read about where we are today.

May 2024 Table Olive Report
June 2024 Table Olive Report