Hawaiian Wildflower Honey, 30 oz jar

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About the Honey

Although the beekeeper is based in Northern California they maintain hives on Hawaii's Big Island, a place that offers four distinct climate zones from lush and tropical on the northeastern coast to Polar Tundra conditions at its volcanic peaks. That spectrum gives rise to an astounding variety of plant life in a relatively compact space with nearly 2,000 types of flowering plants alone--a veritable paradise if you're a bee!  Some of the more well known blossoms from which the bees forage include hibiscus and ginger, passionfruit and guava, fragrant orchids and plumeria, native Ohia trees and coffee plants, too. 

Beekeeper's Tasting Notes

Hawaii's unique biodiversity creates a robust honey that's complex in flavor, with light tropical nectar supported by rich caramel and butterscotch, hints of coffee and smoke and a mellow, toasty warmth.

We love this honey as a sweetener for coffee, drizzled over pineapple chunks or swirled into rice pudding. Its rich, robust flavor also makes it a good choice for savory dishes like ricotta-topped bruschetta or roasted pork.

Shopkeeper Notes

I selected this brand for the pantry collection because Chico Honey is produced by colleagues in the neighboring town of Orland. The Olivarez family (Ryan, Josh and Haley Olivarez) are the 3rd generation raising queen and packaged bees for fellow bee keepers in a company founded nearly 60 years by their grandfather. Chico Honey is 100% pure and raw honey from their own bees kept in three different US States offering a range of flavors with which to experiment. 

In addition to the bonafides this company represents, honey is a key component in a classic vinaigrette, and the package is very simple and beautiful. 

  • Robust intensity
  • Assertive with a complex tropical flavor 
  • 100% pure and raw
  • Made in Hawai'i by bees foraging wild flowers
  • Large 30 oz jar (net wt.), approximately 40 servings (1 tbsp/serving)
  • With packaging, gross weight of the product is is 42 oz, nearly 3 lbs! 
  • Local business
  • Family owned and operated