Olivewood Serving Plate

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Although shown with assorted sushi, this little plate is terrific for appetizers, a composed salad, petit fours, or pastries. One can imagine an intermezzo course with a delightful palate cleanser over a multi-course dinner, perhaps.

If you are planning to use it for sushi, we have some olivewood chopsticks you can find here under Olivewood Chopsticks.

If you regularly host olive oil tastings, three of our olive oil tasting glasses fit nicely on each plate.

Key Facts

  • Single piece construction
  • Approximately 10"x 3.75" x 1" and somewhat rustic in finish
  • Sustainably sourced olivewood
  • Imported from North Africa
  • Each piece is unique

How to care for your olivewood

Keep your olive wood in good condition. Please hand wash (do not soak) and hand dry.  For maintenance, treat wood with mineral oil or wood butter. This will enhance the grain, seal the wood from moisture, and prevent cracking. We do not recommend using cooking oil for treatment because it will become rancid. For more information about olivewood and its care see our posts The Beauty of Olivewood and Thoughts on the Care of Olivewood.