Large Cheese or Charcuterie Olivewood Board

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Be the hostess with the mostest with this magnificent 24" olivewood board. You'll spend less time replenishing your buffet and more time with your guests when you have this ample board on hand.

We've contracted regular shipments to keep you in good stead, however, keep in mind that the larger boards are rarer and therefore in limited quantity. If you entertain grandly or cater you will likely require additional pieces, so plan for those occasions now.

Simple single piece construction with straight sides and smooth finish allows room for a cheeses along with complementary fruit, crackers, or  condiments for a generous board, or you might choose to use this for a pastry showcase or classic all meat board dedicated to charcuterie.

As with all natural products, you will appreciate that individual pieces exhibit  variations in size and shape, and sometimes show vivid differences in markings.

Also available in a small-sized 12" and medium-sized 17.5" version as well.

Key Facts

  • Sustainably sourced olivewood
  • Single piece construction
  • Approximately 22"-24" in length (the board shown is 23")
  • Imported from North Africa
  • Each piece is unique

How to care for your olivewood

Keep your olive wood in good condition. Please hand wash (do not soak) and hand dry.  For maintenance, treat wood with mineral oil or wood butter. This will enhance the grain, seal the wood from moisture, and prevent cracking. We do not recommend using cooking oil for treatment because it will become rancid. 

For more information about olivewood and its care see our posts.