Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 375 ml

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About this Product

This small batch traditional balsamic vinegar condiment is produced using only grape varieties local to Modena, namely Trebbiano, Lambrusco, and Sangiovese. The blend of these grapes--including skins, seeds, and stems (what is called grape must)--is reduced over direct open flame. This method of reduction promotes natural caramelization and complexity. The grape must is then aged in Slavonian oak using the solera method as has been done for generations. 

Learn more about TBV in our product information section:  "More About Traditional Balsamic Vinegar".

Flavor & Enjoyment

This "TBV" is velvety smooth with an exquisite aroma and complex flavor redolent of concentrated dark fruit. Its exceptional acid/sugar balance is achieved at 6% acidity per the Modena standard, and the finish lingers with elegant finesse. You'll find this vinegar is easy to appreciate as a restorative aperitif, a digestif, or as a special dressing.

Note: If you use a lot of vinegar, you might be interested in our 750 ml size at 2x the volume as this bottle. (750 ml is the same volume as a bottle of wine.) Both the 375 and 750 ml bottles contain the same formula, however, we are able to offer a more attractive price for the large bottle because the ratio of product to packaging is greater. Available June 2022.

Other Facts

•  375 ml bottle / 25 servings
•  50 calories per serving
•  6% acidity per the Modena standard

• Made in Modena with Modenese grape varieties
• Produced using traditional artisan methods to achieve affinato grade status
• Imported from Modena then bottled in the USA


Modenese grape must, mainly Trebbiano, Lambrusco, and Sangiovese varieties, and wine vinegar.  Free from any added sugars, flavors, or colors.