A single cobalt blue olive oil tasting glass rests on a marble board.


12 items

Here are a few items for the olive oil professional or enthusiast. Sensory assessment tools and related miscellany can be found...

A set of two white ceramic bowls sit on an olivewood board, one is overflowing with olives and has "olives" boldly written across the front, the other says "pits". A cheese board is in the background.

Accessories for the Entertainer

21 items

We've started gathering a few items to enhance entertaining at home. We have appetizers and charcuterie in mind this season.

Traditional, Rosé, and White Balsamic Vinegars in a white tile kitchen

Balsamic Vinegar

9 items

Authentic balsamic vinegars made in Modena from Modenese grapes and real fruit.

Fresh Olives

Fresh Olives

6 items

We sell freshly harvested Sevillano and Manzanillo olives each autumn from Corning, California. Olives ship separately from all the products...

One bottle each Olio Novello and Melanzana Fig Balsamic Vinegar stand alone on a plain, yet warmly inviting  background

Limited Edition

5 items

Welcome to our limited edition shop comprised of Olio Novello and a matching Fig Balsamic Vinegar along with various related...

Three single variety olive oils are shown on a white marble table with white tile background. Left to Right:  Coratina, Picual, and Ascolano

Olive Oil

9 items

Delicious extra virgin & co-milled fruit and herb olive oils. 100% California grown & milled.

Three olive tree saplings are shown on a plain background. One is in a round ceramic cachepot, in the center is one in a burlap sack, and the third is in a wooden cachepot.

Olive Trees

15 items

Olive trees ship separately from all other products directly from the nursery via UPS Ground.

Olive tree saplings shown in a ceramic pot, and burlap bag, and a wooden cachepot.

Olive Trees & Raw Olives

20 items

Live Olive Trees ship directly from our nursery. Fresh Olives are only available during Table Olive season, approximately late August...

Small brie and spreader knife on heart shaped olivewood board


21 items

From large olive tree prunings suitable for boards, bowls, and tools.

American Olive Farmer holds the letters S-A-L-E

On Sale

20 items

Find temporary promotional and permanent clearance items here. The list changes weekly.

Jacobsen Flake Salt close up image represents just one of the pantry items we offer.

Pantry Favorites

35 items

Here are a few pantry favorites, selected to complement your use of olive oil and vinegar.

The American Olive Farmer icon holds the logos for Route Package Protection in one hand and EcoCart Certified Carbon OffSets in the other

Service Options

1 item

Find out about the services we've added to your shopping basket for your consideration so you can decide whether to keep them or...

Heart shaped olivewood board shown on soapstone counter

Valentine Shop

12 items

A few things to consider for your honey on Valentine's Day.