Three bottles of balsamic vinegar in clear glass stand side by side on a marble table with a white tile background. Left to right: Traditional, Rosato (Rosé) and Bianco (White) are shown.

Balsamic Vinegar

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Authentic balsamic vinegars made in and imported from Vignola, Modena.

Three single variety olive oils are shown on a white marble table with white tile background. Left to Right:  Coratina, Picual, and Ascolano

Olive Oil

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Extra virgin & delicious co-milled fruit & herb olive oils 100% California grown & milled.

An olivewood salt box opens to show salt inside. This is one of the 15 olivewood items on offer in our shop.


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From N. African olive tree prunings suitable for boards, bowls, and sundries.

Jacobsen Flake Salt close up image represents just one of the pantry items we offer.

Pantry Favorites

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Here are a few favorite pantry items, selected to complement your use of olive oil and vinegar in the kitchen.   ...

Service Options

Service Options

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