January 14, 2024

The saga of the Discontinued Packaging

A standard 375 ml bottle of Ascolano is crossed out next to a 500 ml bottle with a placard that declares the size is changing

Why We Utilize(d) 375 ml Bottles

The proverb "pride goes before the fall" might well be applied to me. I was quite pleased with myself choosing to package 6 core olive oils and 6 core vinegars in a 375 ml size bottle. "This is the goldilocks solution!", I thought to myself.

500 ml is often too much for the vinegar buyer and 250 ml too little for the olive oil buyer. Bottling and carrying all items in both sizes beyond our means, so 375 ml made a good compromise.

Terrific While it Lasted!

The ability to assemble attractive duo, trio, and quartets of oil and vinegar at affordable prices was terrific while it lasted. As you might have already read in my email of January 11th, our glass producer (the designer and manufacturer of the 375 ml bottle), has summarily discontinued its production. The war in Ukraine started putting pressure on European manufacturing as governments diverted fuel from factories to warm homes, and glass factories require a lot of fuel as the furnaces never shut down. We've seen a tremendous reduction is size, shape, and color of glass available as factories pursue much needed efficiencies.  

What We Will Do Going Forward

I have set up new UPC numbers, am in the process of updating labels, will have to purchase two new cutting dies and reprint everything. All subscriptions will have to be modified.

We will offer three extra virgin olive oils in the 500 ml size (33 servings versus the 25 servings for the 375 ml). The first item available will be Ascolano in early February.

The flavored olive oil collection -- Lemon Agrumato, Roasted Garlic, and Genovese Basil--will be offered in the 250 ml size (17 servings per container versus 25).  We're pushing to bottle Lemon Agrumato the same week as Ascolano.

Bottling the Vinegars will have to wait a while, however, all will be offered in the 250 ml size. I still have some 375 ml printed glass, so there will be a slower transition there. 

What is Not Changing

We will continue to offer a value with the best selling 750 ml Arbequina and 750 ml Balsamic Vinegar. The saga is ongoing, so appreciate your patience while we slowly roll out new harvest and new packaging at the same time.