January 19, 2024

Personalization Gone Wrong

Personalization Gone Wrong

As those of you who call me to place orders in person know, personal time and attention has deep meaning for me. It is during these calls that I learn that some of you use your legal name for transactions, however, prefer a middle name or nick name for correspondence and conversation. I do my best to correct misspellings and address patrons as they prefer.

You're a person, not a transaction, so it was with intention that I sent last week's letter and included both a salutation and closing question using what I thought was your name to understand if I had it spelled correctly, whether your legal first name or just what you call yourself.

Thank you to those who wrote to let me know the personalization noted the wrong name; there were enough examples for me to troubleshoot and discover we had a programming issue!!

I learned that the website automatically makes the last address used the default, and then the mailing list program uses that set of information to update its records. In every example I checked, the name (and address) shown was for a holiday gift recipient. This workflow makes no sense to me because "default" should not be dynamic, however, Shopify does not see this as a bug. Apparently. this happens to all merchants on Shopify, so many do not personalize or they spend $49.99 per month on a special third party program to stop swapping out the true default name and address for the most recent shipping address.

I have a developer working to get our records straightened out and, once returned to true default status I'll invest in the "StopSwap" program.

In the meantime, it is important that you confirm the shipping address when you check out and make sure packages meant for yourself get to you and not your more recent recipient. I've disabled the feature which automatically makes the billing address the same as the shipping address, so check that field before you complete your purchase also.

The situation is inconvenient and regrettable, but ultimately fixable. Thank you for your understanding and support.  - Liz

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