Jacobsen's White Truffle Salt

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If you've ever travelled to Piemonte in the autumn you're likely to have found yourself in Alba in order to enjoy the mystical and unforgettable experience of white truffles liberally shaved into your risotto, pasta, or eggs. Rare, earthy, pungent, and wonderful, you might experience honeyed or garlicky sensations also. 

Jacobsen's signature flake finishing salt's bright salinity and delicate crunch is Infused with the powerful flavor of ground Italian white truffle and white truffle tincture for a fast and affordable way to enjoy the flavor and aroma of white truffles regardless of the season (and your locale!) 

One of the classic pairings with white truffles is Pinot Noir, and as that is the grape used in our Rosato Aceto Balsamico, aka Rosé Balsamic Vinegar, we're interested to know what you think--do they work together for you?

About Jacobsen Salt Company

Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. is the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s.

Water is collected from pristine Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast [about 500 miles north of our orchards], filtered twice, reduced to concentrated salt water, boiled to remove excess minerals, then evaporated in custom pans. Once evaporated, flakes are rinsed and put onto racks in a dehydrator for drying--this last step giving the salt its signature crunchy texture. Once dry, the salt is sifted, graded, and sorted. The fully formed pyramid-shaped flakes are packed for flake salt, while smaller flakes and coarser crystals are packaged for kosher salt.

Ingredients: sea salt, Italian white truffle and Italian white truffle tincture

  • Does not contain anti-caking agents; some natural clumping may occur
  • Does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient
  • Harvested, processed, and packaged in the USA
  • 2.46 oz (70 gm) jar