Whiskey Oak Smoked Seasoning Gift Set

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General Information

Whiskey Oak Seasonings is one of the few products on the market made by smoking over real wood and not a shortcut effect via "liquid smoke". The producer, Kirk, uses wood from retired oak whiskey barrels, a unique hand built smoker, and slowly smokes in small batches. 

Suggested Use

Suitable for both cooking and finishing meats, vegetables, and desserts. See additional details under each individual item, which are also available separately.

Gift Contents

  • Contains full size jars of all four smoked seasonings at a 10% savings
    • Whiskey Oak Smoked Steak Seasoning
    • Whiskey Oak Smoked Pork & Poultry Seasoning
    • Whiskey Oak Smoked Sugar
    • Whiskey Oak Smoked Salt
  • Includes four recipe cards
    • Grilled Salmon Filet, which uses the Smoked Sugar and Smoked Salt
    • Smokin' Sweet Potatoes, which use both the Smoked Sugar and Salt
    • Brined Pork Chops, which uses the Smoked Pork & Poultry Seasoning
    • Smokin' Good Roma Tomatoes, which use the Steak Seasoning
  • Standard glass spice jars with tamper-proof pressure seal
  • Two-sided access at the top for shaking through large holes or spooning
  • Kraft box is 8" x 5.5" x 2.5" with Kraft sizzle pack fill. Finished with a generous doubling of baker's twine.