Jacobsen Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning

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Did you used to put brewer's yeast on your popcorn in college? Maybe you still do. Well, here is a 21st century antioxidant upgrade with Diaspora Company's Pragati turmeric, in collaboration with Jacobsen's sea salt and a bit of brewer's yeast, to make a healthful "Golden Popcorn" at home.

Pragati turmeric is a pungent and potent heirloom variety imported directly from a small organic and regenerative farmer in Andhra Pradesh. It contains an exceptional 5.2% curcumin (versus the industry average of 3.14%) and is reminiscent of marigold flowers. As you likely know, curcumin is a powerful polyphenol, and it is more bioavailable when consumed with black pepper. 

Trust me when I tell you a little bit goes a long way. The recommended 1 Tbsp seasoning per ¼ cup un-popped corn was too salty for our household, so start with a teaspoon of seasoning per ¼ cup and shake well over your freshly popped corn to determine if you'd like to add more or not. Finish with freshly ground black pepper. I think it goes without saying that you'd use Lucero Arbequina EVOO for popping your corn, right? 


Turmeric and brewer's yeast are acquired tastes, so although healthy and delicious, I would not consider this seasoning blend to be broad appeal. If you are a regular user of brewer's yeast as a salt substitute, keep in mind that this seasoning blend is 54.5% kosher sea salt, so start with small amounts. Finally, please remember that turmeric stains! I mixed my first batch of seasoning and popcorn by hand and the whites of my nails were yellow despite scrubbing my hands with soap and water several times. My advice on the matter of temporary staining is twofold:  cover the popcorn bowl and shake the seasoning through or use a bag to toss the seasoning throughout the popcorn (or other homemade snack mix!) AND, don't eat this sitting on light colored upholstery!

Ingredients: sea salt (54.5% by volume), nutritional yeast, (dried yeast, niacin, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride [vitamin B6], folic acid, cyanocobalamin [vitamin B12 produced by natural fermentation]), Pragati turmeric

  • Does not contain anti-caking agents; some natural clumping may occur
  • Does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient
  • Processed and packaged in the USA
  • Net weight 3.17 oz (90 gm) jar. 8 oz gross weight for shipping.