Case of Olive Oil Tasting Glasses S/24

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These are regulation tasting glasses for the sensory evaluation of olive oil. Also referred to colloquially as "Blue Glasses", or by my Italian friends as "assaggiaolio". The development and production of these glasses meets the highest standard for millers, sensory scientists, tasting panels, judges, tasting rooms, and the hardcore enthusiast.

In the 13 years since that our first production was commissioned, both enthusiasts and producers throughout the US, Argentina, South Africa, and Japan have come to rely on the quality and technical consistency of our glassware. 

Is this Something I Need?

If you are a professional olive oil taster, olive oil judge, or tasting room operator, this is the glass you've been asking about. This is the glass you've been waiting for. 

If you are an everyday person, this item is probably not for you, being somewhat pricy and specialized, however, you might find reading about it interesting.

About Our Rigorous Design & Production Standard

In 2010 I used my decades-long experience in sourcing glassware for major US retailers to find the right factory partner capable of producing mouth-blown and hand-finished glassware. The factory had to specialize in colored glass, meet rigorous FDA standards (no lead, no cadmium), and be socially accountable as far as worker conditions. Glass factories are hot and dangerous places, so this last point is critically important. 

Once satisfied that criteria could be met, my agent conveyed the our specifications to the factory and commissioned a mold to be made on our behalf. Test glasses were flown in and assessed by the the UC Davis Olive Center, the Masters of Judges for both the LA International and Olive Japan International competitions, and the co-founders of the Extra Virgin Alliance prior to finalizing my mold.


These are regulation tasting glasses for the sensory analysis of olive oil. 

  • Produced to IOC specifications
  • Mouth blown and hand finished from cobalt blue glass
  • Blue color avoids bias in judging
  • Official shape fits perfectly in a taster's hand
  • Glass is neutral of aromas
  • Opening is designed to concentrate oil aromas
  • Rim is tapered for comfort
  • Base is sized and weighted for professional heating units
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lead and Cadmium Free
  • Watch Glass Covers sold separately

Availability for International Shipments

Although I do not ship olive oil and other food items overseas at this time, I can work with you on to ship sensory supplies outside of the US. Please write to me at to make arrangements.

Exception:  Canadian buyers should contact our authorized agent, Emily Lycopolus at