Olivewood Olive Dish

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This Olive Dish is carved from a single piece of Tunisian olivewood and is traditionally used to hold unpitted olives in the large section with a small section available for pits. If you generally purchase pitted olives the small section can be used for seasonings or condiments. Some folks find other uses for the item to hold snacks or for dipping. 

A related item is a traditionally carved olive pick found here:  Olivewood Pique à Olive 

Key Facts

  • Single piece carved with two different sized wells
  • Dimensions are approximately 5" x 7" x 1"
  • Sustainably sourced olivewood
  • Imported from North Africa
  • Each piece is unique

How to care for your olivewood

Keep your olive wood in good condition. Please hand wash (do not soak) and hand dry.  For maintenance, treat wood with mineral oil or wood butter. This will enhance the grain, seal the wood from moisture, and prevent cracking. We do not recommend using cooking oil for treatment because it will become rancid. For more information about olivewood and its care see our posts The Beauty of Olivewood and Thoughts on the Care of Olivewood.