Charcuterie Essential Tool Gift Set of 3

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Charcuterie boards are all the rage, and whether you or your gift recipient choose to be a purest serving meat only, or bend the rules and include some cheese, then these three tools will stand you in good stead. 

Nestled in a gift box is fashioned from unvarnished corrugated cardboard to resemble a book, the inside front cover offers three steps to building a charcuterie board and illustrates the purpose for each of the three items enclosed. Across the "page" on the other side of the book, the tools themselves are safely housed in the cardboard cut outs. We recommend one of our olivewood serving board as a nice addition. We also offer extra matching spreader knives in similar packaging.

Caution! Unlike the traditionally forged European versions with which I'm familiar, the blades on these tools are very sharp, even the little spreader! Take care when removing these items from the packaging.

Set Includes

  • Mini Cleaver for cutting meats or shaving hard cheese

  • Spreader knife for soft cheeses, jams, honey, tapenade and the like

  • Utility knife for slicing and picking up cheese with the tips.

Sizes, Construction, and Care Instructions

Cheese knife sizes are 8.5" for the cleaver and 9.5" for the Utility Knife. The spreader is 6.25" overall with a 2.5" blade.

Gift box measures 6" x 10.75" x .75"

The knives and spreader are stamped stainless steel with a full tang enclosed in hard plastic and quadruple riveted taking inspiration from classic French bistro style. The handle also sports a simplified two-dimensional bee motif harkening to (taking inspiration from?) Laguiole knives. These are not Laguiole, but they're cute and affordable.

Do not soak. Hand wash only and dry immediately.