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The Inspiration

Preparing to brine fresh raw olives the traditional way means laboriously crushing or cracking them them with a smooth rock, rolling pin, or meat pounder so that brine can more quickly and completely penetrate the fruit for processing.

I was charmed to see homemade olive crushers from Spain and the Levant which make the job so much simpler and thought of you! Examples ranged from modest mini table top versions (sort of rickety and you had to stoop a bit to use them) to plastic electric powered ones (noisy and slow to use). My favorite version was demonstrated by an elderly gentleman who had added a plank to the end of his rustic scrap wood device. I was fascinated to watch how quickly and easily he worked, which became my inspiration for this wooden olive crusher design.

Exclusive American Olive Farmer® Design

Our wooden olive crusher is made from sustainable mango wood by a trusted export furniture manufacturer of renown, and we included the old gentleman's idea of using this device while seated. Place the the end on a kitchen chair, and consider using a thin cushion if you have a lot of olives and will be sitting awhile. Make sure to have your waiting bucket placed below to catch the fruit as it falls. (See the 5th image where Donald demonstrates)

The olive crusher operates with a simple pivot mechanism fastened with stainless steel hardware. Pour some of your olives into the box and simply start pushing them toward the opening. Pull the paddle toward you and the olives will flatten and fall through the opening to your waiting bucket or crock. A firm but gentle pressure should do it. We've added a way for the pivot point to be adjusted to allow for either large or small olives. All wooden parts are carefully sanded smooth and finished with food safe linseed oil. 

Caring for Your Wooden Olive Crusher

Olive crushers arrive disassembled with two wooden parts, hardware, and instructions. Once assembled, wipe with a lightly dampened cloth and it's ready to use. After processing your olives, give the device another wipe down and allow to dry. Treat with food safe mineral oil or any other wood care product so it is ready for its next use. Although quite dense, mango wood will eventually become dry exactly as any other wooden kitchenware product in your home and so should be maintained. Regular conditioning helps to seal the wood and prevent moisture from entering and reduces the risk of cracking, warping, or splitting.

Mango wood is an eco-friendly hardwood choice selected for its durability and strength. Its robust nature makes it ideal for producing sturdy, long-lasting items relatively resistant to water and wear, making it practical for kitchen tools. 

Summary Features

  • Product dimensions:  28" long x 8.5" wide x 6" high (excluding paddle)
    • Paddle extends another 6" above the top of the unit.
  • 6.5 lbs gross weight (packaged)
  • Exclusive American Olive Farmer® design
  • Fabricated from sustainable mango wood and stainless steel
  • Manufactured in India

How we ship

We are producing 100 units and are taking pre-orders between now and July 7th, after that, we cannot guarantee we'll have your unit by harvest time. We are holding the inventory for this item in Corning so that they ship at the same time and from the same place as the fresh olives. If you order food, gifts, or trees those items will be shipped separately.

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