Raw Hand Cut Honeycomb 5.5 oz

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This honeycomb comes directly from our local beekeeper, Olivarez Chico honey. The comb is harvested only once per year and only if the bees have enough for themselves. This means that they usually only harvest a small percentage of the comb and only when the harvest is exceptional. Although we purchased everything available, the quantity we have for you this fall is very limited.

Flavor & Enjoyment 

This is pure honey, raw, completely natural, and utterly elemental. In difficult harvest conditions, such as all of us are experiencing now, having comb honey is a rare and special treat.

Each hand-cut piece is filled with Chico's Montana Sweet Clover honey, a single-source variety made when the hives are surrounded by acres of blooming yellow sweet clover.

Inside the soft edible wax comb the honey has a delicate, lightly floral flavor with delicious notes of shortbread (think lightly browned butter) and a pronounced, luscious sweetness.

Serving Suggestions

In addition to tipping a bit into hot tea or spreading on toast, honey is a natural centerpiece on cheese boards, and having comb honey is especially delightful. I like to start by placing the honeycomb slightly off center and then build color, texture and flavor around it.

Just about any cheese makes a good pairing with this honey, however, the most fitting include any sharp aged cheeses, goat and blue cheeses, and that favorite of the cheese board, brie.

Don't wait for a big party to enjoy honey comb. A simple and elegant dessert is a slice of cheese with honey. 

Important Reminder

Honey should not be given to children under 12 months of age as they are in danger from infant botulism. Infants also have not yet developed immunity to the pollen.

It is generally accepted that children over the age of 12 months can have small amounts of honey. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before consuming raw honey.

This is raw honey, it has not been filtered or pasteurized.