E&O White Popcorn, 28 oz Jar

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 White Popcorn: The Fluffy Companion to Heirloom Signature

Alongside the heirloom Signature Popcorn, Ella & Ollie offers this delightful white popcorn that is perfect for those who prefer a lighter, fluffier texture and a milder flavor. This versatile popcorn is ideal for experimenting with a variety of flavorings, from bold extra virgin olive oils to savory seasonings and sweet toppings.

A Light Popcorn Ready for at Home Movie Night

White popcorn offers a delicate texture and neutral flavor which provide a canvas for a wide range of flavorings. Its fluffy kernels expand into classic butterfly shapes, creating a delightful mouthful of airy popcorn that just about melts in your mouth.

Unleashing the Flavors of Olive Oil

White popcorn is particularly well-suited for pairing with stronger extra virgin olive oils, such as Lucero Picual or Lucero Coratina. These oils bring a rich intensity to the popcorn without overpowering its delicate flavor. You can also elevate your popcorn experience with flavored olive oils, such as Lucero Roasted Garlic Olive Oil or Lucero Genovese Basil Olive Oil. For a touch more umami, sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano and add a twist of freshly ground black pepper.  [note:  Donald and I popped both varieties of popcorn so I could add the new photos you see here comparing the two varieties. Afterward, feeling a bit naughty, we drizzled Olio Novello over them and gave a sprinkle of Jacobson sea salt. Oh my stars! So good!]

Impressive Popping Volume

Just like the heirloom Signature Popcorn, white popcorn boasts an impressive popping volume, with each jar yielding over 160 cups of popcorn and providing a very low hull eating experience. 

Popcorn: A Grain Like No Other

Popcorn is a unique type of corn that can explode when heated. Inside each kernel lies a tiny droplet of water and oil. When heated to between 350-400º F, the water turns to steam, expanding rapidly and causing the kernel's outer hull to rupture. This sudden release of pressure flips the kernel inside out, revealing the soft, fluffy starch that we know and love as popcorn.

The Helms Family: A Legacy of Popcorn Excellence

For over 170 years and across seven generations, the Helms family has been farming in Belleville, IL, just 16 miles from the St. Louis Arch. The name Ella & Ollie recognizes the 7th generation, daughter Lily Ella, and the 4th generation, her great-grandfather Oliver. 


  • Ingredients: 100% white popcorn
  • Grown in Belleville, IL and packed in nearby St. Louis, MO
  • Processed for optimal moisture content for popping
  • Packing:  reusable mason jar
  • Net weight 28 oz (1.75 lbs)
  • Gross weight for shipping 42 oz (2.63 lbs)