Tingly Sichuan Salt

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This is a limited edition collaboration between Fly by Jing and Jacobsen Salt Company using only three ingredients:  two traditional ingredients from the area of Chengdu and Jacobsen's signature kosher sea salt.

According to Jing Gao, founder of Fly by Jing, Gongjiao Tribute pepper is a variety of Sichuan pepper so prized it was given as a tribute to the emperor. Hand harvested, this pepper had a heady citrus bouquet and "tingly" sensation. The Ergingtaio chili is the most popular chili in Sichuan. It's notable for its intense aroma yet mild spiciness.  

Serving suggestions:

Use as a finishing salt or as an astonishing cocktail rimming salt, which we think would be very interesting with gin. Our favorite idea is its use as a novel addition to olive oil for dipping.

About Fly by Jing

Founded in 2018 by Chef Jing Gao, born in Chengdu, now living in America. Jing's formulations are not necessarily traditional as much as intensely personal, inspired by small restaurants in her hometown.

About Jacobsen Salt Company

Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. is the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s.

Water is collected from pristine Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast [about 500 miles north of our orchards], filtered twice, reduced to concentrated salt water, boiled to remove excess minerals, then evaporated in custom pans. Once evaporated, flakes are rinsed and put onto racks in a dehydrator for drying--this last step giving the salt its signature crunchy texture. Once dry, the salt is sifted, graded, and sorted. The fully formed pyramid-shaped flakes are packed for flake salt, while smaller flakes and coarser crystals are packaged for kosher salt.

Ingredients: Jacobsen Kosher sea salt, dried Gongjiao Tribute peppers, dried Erjingtiao chilies. 

  • Does not contain anti-caking agents; some natural clumping may occur
  • Does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient
  • Packaged in the USA by Jacobsen Salt Co. 
  • No additives
  • Net wt 2.9 oz (82.2 gm) glass jar (gross weight 7 oz with packaging)