Olivewood Spreader, 7"

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This 7" olivewood spreader is a smooth and stylish way to slather condiments, nut butters, soft cheeses, and dips onto your carbohydrates of choice. Cleverly fashioned to be as easy on the hand as it is the eye.

Key Facts
  • Single piece construction
  • Approximately 7” long
  • Sustainably sourced olivewood
  • Imported from North Africa
  • Each piece is unique

How to care for your olivewood

Keep your olive wood in good condition. Please hand wash (do not soak) and hand dry.  For maintenance, treat wood with mineral oil or wood butter. This will enhance the grain, seal the wood from moisture, and prevent cracking. We do not recommend using cooking oil for treatment because it will become rancid. For more information about olivewood and its care see our posts The Beauty of Olivewood and Thoughts on the Care of Olivewood.