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  • Preliminary Thoughts on Balsamic Vinegar Cocktails

    Three Fruity Balsamic Vinegar cocktails shown in a casual kitchen. One in a stemmed glass, one one a double old fashioned glass, and one in a highball glass.
    Please enjoy these preliminary explorations on the use of balsamic vinegar as an ingredient in cocktails, mocktails, and balsamic vinegar beverages in general. Read further for information, inspiration, and an invitation to explore possibilities together. Special thank you to customer Sue S. who motivated this exploration.
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  • Thoughts on the Care of Olivewood

    Thoughts on the Care of Olivewood
    The care of olivewood is easy, and you likely practice good wood care already, however, in the spirit of thoroughness, here are my thoughts on the care of olivewood and other wooden utensils for culinary use. First, a statement: I love olive oil, but look askance at anyone who suggests it's a good idea for use as a wood conditioner.
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