October 24, 2022

Gift Shipping Feature

Two ceramic bowls, straight-sided, are shown. One is filled with olives and says OLIVES the other is smaller and empty and says PITS. They are shown in a kitchen surrounded by olive wood, cheese, honey, and a gift box that says PS: OLIVE YOU (a pun).

We have new gift shipping option which allows you to process multiple gifts and gift messages with one credit card transaction. I tried it this week with some success. 

For those of you shipping to several recipients, this will be a real time saver.

How to Use Multi-Ship for Gifts

  1. Log in to your account so that all of your previously used addresses are accessible and so that you earn $5 for every $50 spent.
  2. Enter all quantities for all items desired
  3. Click the shopping bag at the top of the page to be taken to your cart
  4. Click the small box at the top of the cart page which says, "Ship to Multiple Addresses
  5. Manage each item separately, first specifying quantity, then selecting a previously used address or entering a new address.
  6. Click the large blue plus sign to continue specifying quantity and addresses until you have finished allocating the amount you had in the cart for that item.
  7. Proceed to the next item, if any, and repeat the procedure.
  8. Once the item or items in your cart have been allocated and addresses assigned to your satisfaction, then scroll to the bottom and click "Check Out"
  9. Select shipping method and enter a gift message per gift recipient
  10. keep your message short, 100 characters recommended
  11. WARNING:  if you go back all data is lost. We tried to change the programming to make the data you enter "sticky" so it doesn't disappear if you leave the check out page, however, were not successful.
  12. Once done, continue to payment, applying store credit or any coupons you may have to defray costs.
  13. Complete the transaction.

Shipping charges are per address, so ten destinations will have ten shipping charges.  You'll receive separate order numbers and tracking numbers for every delivery.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, shipping to multiple addresses is only possible from the customer screen, I cannot use this function from the administrator screen. If I take your order over the phone, we'll have to apply your credit card for each separate shipping address. -Liz

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